Cokodive Review

Cokodive is a K-Pop centered store that offers a huge variety of products, including official merch, albums, light sticks, and more. I’ve made a few purchases through them and decided to do a whole store review to give some good info about shopping with Cokodive.

There is a ton of merchandise for many groups available on the site. You can easily shop by artist if you’re looking for something specific. This is how I tend to shop since I’m usually only looking for certain groups’ stuff.

Left is Weverse Shop, Right is Cokodive

One thing I want to make clear is the pricing, especially if you compare it to a companies official stores. I’ve seen people complain that Cokodive is expensive, when it actually isn’t. Yes if you side by side compare a price listing there is a difference. However that difference is because of shipping. Cokodive includes the shipping in the original price. By doing that, shipping is then “free”. On official shops, like Weverse shop, shipping is separate and when that is included, its comparable to what Cokodive has. I have purchased like items from both and this is how it always works out. So view Cokodive’s prices as shipping included.

Speaking of shipping, I have always gotten my Cokodive stuff super quick and in great shape. When I got the Graphic Lyrics books, I got one of them through Weverse and the other four through Cokodive. All of the Cokodive ones came before the Weverse one. They are shipping from South Korea so there is a big chance that the packages could get beat up on their way to me in California. Even if the outside is dinged up, the items are packaged in a way to protect them in transit so everything has arrived in perfect condition.

If you are a frequent K-Pop merch buyer, Cokodive has a rewards program that is definitely useful. And getting discounts is also pretty easy as you can get them from reviewing products and also from affiliates which, if you share to social media that you got something and tag Cokodive, they will start to flood your inbox with their codes.

Overall, if you are looking for K-Pop merch and especially if you are looking for official merch, do it through Cokodive. Fast and secure shipping, comparable prices, and huge selection makes it completely worth it.

Have you ever bought K-Pop merch? Tell me where you got it in the comments below!


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