Favorite Geeky Stores

I have my fair share of geeky merchandise and even have my own geeky shop, so I figured why not share my favorite places to shop for fandom merch.


As a plus size woman, I do a lot of shopping with Torrid. And I have quite a few pieces from their fangirl lines, from Disney to Studio Ghibli and beyond.


My fall down the rabbit hole of K-Pop has been encouraged by Cokodive’s existence. It is my go-to place for official merchandise and albums. I wrote a whole review of them if you want more details, but I definitely recommend them if you are looking for K-Pop items.


Etsy should be more of a go-to for any and all shopping so you can support more independent artists. I’ve bought an eclectic set of items from various Etsy shops, from nerdy planners to enamel pins to photocards and more.

Box Lunch

I like Box Lunch since they do have a charity portion to their sales and also have some fun exclusives you can get. I tend to browse Funko Pops on there more than anything else.


Subtle nerd fashion is very nice to have as an adult, which is why I love Jordandene’s stuff. I have so many tank tops and slouchy shirts from her shop.

Elhoffer Designs

One of my favorite pieces of clothing is from Elhoffer Designs, and that is my Totoro sweater. I would wear it all-year round if I didn’t live in a desert. I also have a dress from her but have yet to wear it.

Frostbeard Studio

If you want bookish candles, I’ve really liked what Frostbeard Studio makes. Their Pumpkin Juice candle is my all-time favorite candle it smells like the epitome of fall.

Book Beau

I’ve reviewed Book Beau previously and want to reiterate that I like their Beaus for protecting my Kindle specifically. And I constantly use the Bean pillow.

Aloha Ears Design

Aloha Ears Design creates gorgeous 3D-printed mouse ears for Disney fans. I have a Mulan pair from them and they are so detailed it’s amazing.

What geeky shops do you like to shop from? Let me know with a comment below.

Did you know I have a shop of my own? A Geek Girl’s Tees is full of nerdy merch to flaunt your fandom.


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