Horror Games for Halloween 5

For many, Halloween means horror. And what better way to get some scares than with horror games? Here are some suggestions of what you could play this Halloween.

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The Beast Inside

The Beast Inside is survival horror that takes place across two different timelines with an intertwined mystery full of murder, secrets, and unknown identities. You could also describe this game as a psychological thriller of sorts.

Stories Untold

Stories Untold is an episodic horror adventure-puzzle game with four different episodes with unique scenarios. Along with individual horrors of each episode, the game as a whole has a mystery for you to uncover.


Faith is a top-down retro-style horror game where you play as a priest returning to the site of a failed exorcism that turned fatal. This game has multiple endings based on your choices, which adds a lot of variety and suspense to the game.


Detention is a Taiwanese horror adventure side-scroller based in 1960’s Taiwan under martial law. Two teenagers are stuck at a high school that has been taken over by cursed monsters called the lingered. And while trying to escape those monsters, they discover the cursed past of this school that led to this fate.

Resident Evil remakes

During the last few years, Capcom has remastered and remade some of the earlier Resident Evil games. If you’re more into killing zombies than you are wandering haunted establishments, RE remakes are for you.


Phasmophobia is a recently popular co-op ghost hunting game where all the ghosts are real and hunting you down. You can play with three other friends to try to complete objectives and identify what type of ghost it is.

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