How To Celebrate Halloween At Home

With COVID-19 still making it’s presence known and keeping events small or cancelled, the fate of Halloween feels to be at stake. But don’t fear, you can still find ways to celebrate with others from the safety of home. Here are some suggestions for things you can do.

Spooky Movie Marathon

Spooky movies, both horror and otherwise, can really set the mood for the season. You can do this alone, but there are also a bunch of tools now that can let you watch with friends and family from afar. I’ve personally used the Rabbit as well as Discord’s screensharing feature and both have worked great. And the upside of Discord is you can easily voice chat with whoever is watching with you. Rabbit has a text chat feature and is an easier setup for the less technically savvy.

Digital Escape Rooms

There have been quite a few different digital escape rooms released since the start of the pandemic. A Harry Potter themed one was quite popular, and I even had a friend make a Hamilton themed one. A lot of these a free as well, and some are designed specifically to be played in a Zoom-style call.

Game Night

Be it video or board, games are a great way to spend any night Halloween included. I’ve recommended a bunch of games over the years for Halloween specifically. And with tools like Tabletop Simulator and Parsec, you can play so many games with far away friends with ease.

Solve Some Mysteries

For the true crime lovers or just those who want to test their sleuthing skills, you can find many different ways to solve some mysteries this spooky season. There are plenty of games that focus on mystery solving over pure jumpscare scary. I also recommend the recent radio-play-style paranormal mystery series from Master Mystery Productions, Regions Beyond.

How are you spending Halloween this year? Let me know in the comments below.


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