Meeting in the Flesh Review

Meeting in the Flesh is a horror-themed visual novel about building a relationship with other monsters by a solar eclipse. I learned about this game from the Racial Justice bundle on and knew it was perfect to review in October.

You play a Vil and you work as a delivery person for the salt company, with salt being the primary form of sustenance for these people. Every day you make deliveries and encounter certain people multiple times, and you are given options to spend time with and potentially romance these people. This is all leading up to an eclipse, which is said to give people more luck and chance of success on their personal wishes. So you’ll see how your choices and the eclipse will affect your budding romances.

There is a lot of world building in this game which I found surprising since it fairly short but i really enjoy it so everything has context. It is overall very well written and the writing is probably the best part of the whole game.

I always like to talk about the art, especially when it is good. And the art of this game is perfect for it. The backgrounds especially are great and set the scenes so distinctly. The character art is also great.

My only criticism is that some of the choices have obvious consequences. However, this really only happens when choosing which of the three to essentially date, which subsequently prevents you from having longer interactions with the non-chosen ones. It’s logical albeit obvious. If the game was longer I would love to have long interactions with more than just one.

Overall, Meeting in the Flesh is a really good visual novel. The devs definitely put a lot of work and thought into it and it shows. So if you enjoy this genre of game, go check it out on

Would you play a horror-themed visual novel? Let me know with a comment below.


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