March Madness: K-Pop Bracket

Another big bracket for day 7 where I put my favorite K-pop songs head to head to find my ultimate favorite!

I have 16 songs paired off for this bracket, all representing different artists, from boy groups to girls groups to soloists. I used BracketHQ to create my brackets, randomizing how the pairings were made. From there, I made my choices. So let’s begin!

Round 1

Tiger Inside (SuperM) vs. Run Away (TXT)

SuperM is one of my top favorite groups so I have to go with Tiger Inside over Run Away. I do like TXT, just not as much as SuperM.

Kick It (NCT127) vs After Midnight (WayV)

Battle of the SM artists and both in NCT as a whole! Of these two, the easy choice is After Midnight. It’s such a beautiful song and became a quick favorite of mine.

La Di Da (Everglow) vs. Wonderland (Ateez)

I’m a newer fan of Ateez and Wonderland is the first song of theirs I really enjoyed and they are great. But I like Everglow and La Di Da more so the girls win this round.

Jumper (Cravity) vs. Revolution (AleXa)

Cravity is a new favorite group of mine and they have great music. Revolution by AleXa is probably my favorite comeback of 2020 and is the song that made me an A.I trooper so I’m going with that for this win.

FANTASIA (MonstaX) vs. Black Mamba (aespa)

I am really looking forward to what aespa will bring and enjoy Black Mamba a lot. But FANTASIA is the winner for sure.

Boy (Treasure) vs. Pretty Savage (Blackpink)

Battle of the YG artists and I am going with Boy by Treasure. I get tired of Blackpink’s music quickly unfortunately but I still jam to Boy when it comes on.

Blood, Sweat & Tears (BTS) vs. Who U Are (Kang Daniel)

I wish these two weren’t facing each other because I love them both. With BTS being my first group ever and still my favorite, the win has to go to Blood, Sweat & Tears.

MIROH (Stray Kids) vs. YESSIR (3YE)

I wanted to see 3YE make it farther, but they weren’t going to beat Stray Kids for me. Stray Kids is a top group for me and MIROH a top song, so YESSIR didn’t have a chance against them unfortunately.

Round 2

Tiger Inside (SuperM) vs. After Midnight (WayV)

Battle of the SM groups part two. I’d argue that After Midnight is a musically better song and I enjoy it more so it is the winner.

La Di Da (Everglow) vs. Revolution (AleXa)

The last two ladies up against each other hurts. Of these two songs, I lean more towards La Di Da so that one wins the round.

FANTASIA (MonstaX) vs. Boy (Treasure)

FANTASIA wins this round as MonstaX as a whole is a higher up in my favorites group than Treasure is.

Blood, Sweat & Tears (BTS) vs. MIROH (Stray Kids)

I hate that this pairing happened so early because these are my two favorite songs of my top two favorite groups. Blood, Sweat & Tears is the ultimate winner though. But MIROH is iconic and I love it still.

Round 3

After Midnight (WayV) vs. La Di Da (Everglow)

After Midnight wins this round because it’s one of my favorite K-Pop songs of all-time. And while La Di Da is up there too, I just don’t want to listen to it as much as I want to listen to After Midnight.

FANTASIA (MonstaX) vs. Blood, Sweat & Tears (BTS)

Another hard pairing because I love both of these groups and both of these songs. BTS pulls ahead again though for the win.

Final round

After Midnight (WayV) vs. Blood, Sweat & Tears (BTS)

I really love both of these songs, but BTS is my ultimate group that I adore so the win goes to Blood, Sweat & Tears.

And now for the final break down!


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