March Madness: Grand Finale

We’re taking the winners of the previous brackets and putting them head to head to find my ultimate March madness winner!

Again, I used BracketHQ to create my brackets, randomizing how the pairings were made. From there, I made my choices. Since Blood, Sweat & Tears won in two different brackets it is only listed once to represent both. Let’s begin!

Round 1

Harry Potter vs. Mulan

Mulan easily beats Harry Potter simply because of all the recent JK Rowling issues tainting the wizarding world for me. While Disney isn’t a godsend, Mulan has yet to be tarnished for me.

Tokaido vs. Hadestown

Hadestown easily defeats Tokaido. I actively and openly love Hadestown a lot more than Tokaido.

Round 2

Blood, Sweat & Tears vs. Mulan

This one was difficult. A childhood love versus a new love made this hard to choose, but Mulan pulled out on top thanks to it’s years of being a favorite.

I also just realized these are the two Asian favorites going head to head. What a coincidence.

Hadestown vs. Armello

Armello has long been my favorite game but the love I have for it doesn’t compare to my love for Hadestown. So the musical wins this round.

Final Round

Mulan vs. Hadestown

These are both titans when it comes to my favorite things. While Mulan does have many more years of love over Hadestown, I just adore this musical so, so much that it is the ultimate grand champion.

And now for the final break down!


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