Spooky K-Pop Songs for Halloween

Now that we are in the spookiest season, we all need mood music to celebrate it, and K-Pop has some great options. So I’ve collected some awesome options to add to your spooky playlists.

Spell by Hyolyn

When this song came up on my playlist, I knew it had to be on this list. It definitely has a witchy vibe and I would say this is a quintessential spooky song for a Halloween playlist.

Ponzona by Purple Kiss

While the music video is a big influence for Ponzona, the song itself has a sultry haunting vibe that differentiates itself from the other entries on this list.

Side Effects by Stray Kids

This intense track has a darkness to it that makes it more thrilling which is how it made it on my list.

Wolf by EXO

The hollowing of a wolf brings a haunting energy which sets this song up to be perfectly spooky, followed an intense EDM track for an energetic addition to this list.


The song may not sound like it would fit this time of year, but the video and concept is what gets it added along with the others.

SHINee by Married To The Music

The music video is the significant influence here, but it also has a Thriller by Michael Jackson influence that helps make this upbeat dance track fit for Halloween.

Full Moon by Sunmi

The music video is what really sets this song up to be appropriate for the Halloween season. It’s dark in parts and the moon focus is great for the spooky nights.

Boy Meets Evil by BTS

This solo by J-Hope has both a video that is haunting but a track to match. The video is what really gets it onto the list, but the song fits well with the playlist too.

Wolfgang by Stray Kids

If wolves are on your list of spooky thing, Wolfgang is a good choice. The electronic rock track is great for hype with an edge of darkness fitting of Halloween.

Scream by Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher are the queens of horror concepts. This high energy rock song is a perfect example of that and fits Halloween perfectly.

Zombie by Purple Kiss

This latest track for the girl group is a perfect combination of fun and spooky with the slight horror theming mixed with an upbeat energy.

What songs do you have on your spooky season playlist? Share them with a comment!


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