Half Birthday Q & A

Fun fact: Today is my half birthday! So I’m answering some questions I’ve been asked in a half birthday Q&A.

Is there a theme you want to see more of in games?

There are a few and I’ve even tinkered with some ideas for a Broadway-themed card game and even a drum corps board game. I generally would like more performing arts games.

Is there a non-Disney theme park you want to go to?

The Studio Ghibli theme park once it opens. It’s supposed to open in 2022 and I would love to get immersed in the beauty and magic of Ghibli.

Would you ever work a con again?

If you didn’t know, I worked at PAX Unplugged in 2018 by demoing games for Weird Giraffe Games. It was a very spontaneous circumstance. 

Anyway, would I do it again? A strong maybe, but probably not. Or at least not as a volunteer for someone else. Like if I had a booth for whatever reason, then of course I’d be working. But otherwise I prefer to attend as media or just an attendee. 

Why is K-Pop your favourite genre?

Okay so I don’t actually view K-Pop as a genre. It is an industry with specific characteristics unique to it compared to western music. But when looking at the music that comes from their industry, so many genres come out. You can get ballads, pop, edm, rock, r&b, and many more genres from K-Pop. K-Pop is not simply a genre, but for many it is easier to categorize it as such. 

Now, the music from K-Pop has become my favorite largely because of the variety but also I find that lyrically, the music is much more meaningful and intelligent than what I’ve seen in the west. A great example is BTS and their Korean music. Just read the lyrics for SEA or Spring Day or Black Swan or Blood, Sweat & Tears and you’ll see what I mean. 

Have a question you’d like to ask me? Leave it in a comment and maybe I will!


One thought on “Half Birthday Q & A

  1. i can agree with the kpop comment. i stopped listening to music where i understand whats being said though, i just find lyrics more creative and thought provoking in other languages (but lets not talk about ring ding dong)

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