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Collaborations can really create some great music, and in K-Pop it is no different. Whether they collab with western artists or with one of their own, awesome songs can be made. And these are my favorite songs from K-Pop collabs.

Who by Lauv & BTS

Lauv and BTS have collaborated a couple of times, with one being on the song that made me listen to BTS more. But my favorite song they’ve made is Who, which includes Jimin and Jungkook specifically. My test in western music is very much this style of song, electro-alt-pop if you will. And Jimin and Jungkook’s voices fit the song so well.

Play It Cool by Steve Aoki & Monsta X

I have been a casual fan of Steve Aoki for a long time, and I’ve even seen him perform live. So he will come up somewhat frequently on the list because he likes to work with K-Pop artists. One such collaboration is with Monsta X, the song being Play It Cool. Its smooth EDM sound is enjoyable and I enjoy both the English and Korean versions.

That That by Psy & Suga

If this isn’t the biggest collab in K-Pop, I don’t know what is. That That came out just at the right time this summer, its fun and energetic party energy is perfect for summer. And Suga’s parts fit with Psy really well. I definitely put this on replay a fair few times since it has been released.

Kiss and Make Up by Dua Lipa & Blackpink

I’m fairly open about not being a fan of Blackpink anymore, but I am a big fan of Dua Lipa and I enjoy this song. I also appreciate that they had Korean lyrics in the song since most western/eastern collabs end up being solely English.

Waste It On Me by Steve Aoki & BTS

Waste It On Me is probably my all-time favorite Steve Aoki song at this point, largely thanks to Jungkook’s amazing vocals. RM also does well and it is overall a really good song. The video is a little odd, but don’t let that affect your opinion of the song.

Zoo by NCT & aespa

Zoo kind of came out of nowhere since it was released as a part of SM’s end-of-year concert and company album. It’s really addictive and Giselle gets to highlight her rap skills which fit so well with the NCT members.

My Universe by Coldplay & BTS

I like when a collab features all members of a group versus just a couple, so My Universe gets favorite points for that. Plus it is an enjoyable song that welcomed Korean lyrics alongside the British rock band. Out of all of the remix variants, the original is still my favorite.

Find You by LULUPOP & Purple Kiss

This is an interesting one, because LULUPOP is a 3D digital girl artist based on a doll brand. They collaborated with Purple Kiss for their first song, and it is a really good song! One of my favorite Purple Kiss songs actually.

eight by IU & Suga

I don’t listen to IU very much, mostly because her music isn’t in my sweet spot of enjoyment. But I really like eight, which is helped by Suga’s production and feature. The overall vibe of the song is enjoyable and a bit wistful, which I enjoy.

Going Dumb by Alesso, Corsak & Stray Kids

I really don’t know why I enjoy this song so much, maybe because it does have me going dumb so I can’t remember. Either way, it is a fun song.

Suga’s Interlude by Halsey & Suga

I’ve been a Halsey fan for a while, long before getting into BTS. She’s had a few interludes with different artists, but Suga’s is the best in my opinion. It is just perfect for both of them, with a simple motif strengthened by Suga’s lyrics and Halsey’s vocals.

Dream of You By CHUNG HA & R3hab

This is my favorite Chung Ha song of them all and could be placed on many of my favorites lists honestly. And it is one of those songs that, to me, is just so good it is hard to explain why I love it. It’s just a really great song honestly.

Blueberry Eyes by MAX & Suga

My favorite part of the whole song is Suga’s rap honestly. Suga really is so versatile and can work in any genre or style, be it lyrically, the production, or adding his own part.

The Baddest by K/DA

K/DA is an interesting group because it is its own group but is also a collaboration with many artists to make them real. For example, The Baddest includes (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon and Miyeon, Wolfta, and Bea Miller. Other K/DA songs have had members of Twice, Kim Petras, and Bekuh Boom for example. It is one big collaboration, and my favorite song of them all is The Baddest.

Blockbuster by Enhypen & Yeonjun

Blockbuster is a good song for Enhypen, and is a great song with Yeonjun. He really amplifies the vibe with his perfectly fitting voice and rap skills. I would have liked it without him, but it is a favorite because of him.

Mic Drop by BTS & Steve Aoki

The Steve Aoki remix of Mic Drop is the absolute best version and you can’t tell me otherwise. And not the version with Desiigner, which entirely eliminates J-Hope and Suga’s raps. The fully BTS with Aoki’s extra energy is perfect and one of my favorite BTS songs ever.

Bad Decisions by benny blanco, BTS, & Snoop Dogg

I’ve been a little obsessed with Bad Decisions since it was released earlier this month. It has the BTS vocal line (Jin, Jimin, V, and Jungkook) plus the unexpectedly perfect addition of Snoop Dogg, and is a really fun and catchy song. It has been a while since I have repeated only one song over and over, but Bad Decisions has become that for me lately.

What are your favorite collaborations? Share some with a comment!

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