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Work With Me

Work With Me

So you want to work with me? Sounds like a plan! Here are some things you should know before reaching out so we can make this work for both of us.

Game Reviews

Have a game you’d like me to try out and give a review of? Awesome! I definitely recommend you check out my review methodology to get an idea of how I do reviews and maybe also check out a review of the type of game you’re offering, between tabletop, video, and mobile.

What games do I like to review? Well here is a quick rundown:

Board games:

  • 2-player games are high on my preferences. This isn’t necessarily 2-player only games, but I’d love if it can be played with only 2 players.  I’m also interested in solo modes and games.
  • Light to medium weight games preferably. Heavy games are not my jam.
  • Unique theming and beautiful art will always catch my eye.

Video games:

  • Indie games are a top favorite of mine.
  • Strategy games and simulation games are up my alley. Turn-based games and tycoon type games are also enjoyable. I am more open genre-wise though.
  • Singleplayer options are usually best.

A couple other notes about reviews:

  • Generally speaking, my payment is a copy of the game. Depending on the request though I may ask for further compensation.
  • When it comes to tabletop games, my preference is to not review a PnP. I don’t have the resources to print these easily and I like to review the full product being offered. I will look at first editions of games if it is going to Kickstarter for an update.
  • I will always provide an honest review, regardless of how I receive the game. I also always disclose if I receive the game for the purpose of being reviewed.
  • If you have a video game or mobile game you want me to look at, there are two options. I can either do a first look, which are my first impressions of the game, or a full review. If you have a preference for which you’d like please let me know but depending on the length of the game and how time intensive it could be, I ultimately decide which I will do. And sometimes I will do both!

Still with me? Alright. If you’re interested please send me an email to or submit via the form below. It can take me a few days to get back to you but I try my best to reply quickly.

Kickstarter Promos

Got a project going to Kickstarter soon? I do occasionally feature new and current running Kickstarter projects through my Kickstart Your Week series. If you’re interested in getting featured, you can send me your press materials with information about what you’re trying to fund. I’ll take a look and consider it for the next KYW.

If you have a game you’re preparing to Kickstart and you want me to do a review or preview to feature on your project and help promote the project, just take a look at the game reviews section above.

Other Reviews

Maybe you have a subscription box you want me to unbox and review or a clothing line or a book or a web series? I’ll take a look at these things too! If you’re willing to send me the product, just send me an email with all the info and we can start talking.

Didn’t See What You’re Looking For?

Just cause it’s not on this page doesn’t mean it’s not possible. This page consists of the information of what I most often do. So if you have a request you’d like to know if it’s possible, just send me an email.

Interested? Contact me!

Either fill out this form or you can send me an email directly to


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