First Look: Love Me Knot

Love Me Knot is a Webtoon about a girl named Avery who can see the red string of fate, which is said to connect soulmates together. But her string leads to no one and she thinks she will be forever alone until she meets others who can see the strings too.

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Odessa Review

Odessa is a graphic novel set in a dystopian California after an earthquake literally tears the state apart. Ginny was a child when this happened, and her mother left her along with her two younger brothers back then. But a mysterious package shows up on Ginny’s 18th birthday that leads to a whole adventure.

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First Look: Neon Future

Neon Future is a sci-fi comic series created by Steve Aoki and Impact Theory about a future cold war between the Augmented, those who have integrated technology into their bodies, and the Authentic, those who haven’t. I have read the first few episodes and want to share some thoughts with you all.

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Mary Review

Mary: The Adventures of Mary Shelley’s Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandaughter is an upcoming YA graphic novel about the teenaged descendant of the famous author who shares the same name. What modern Mary doesn’t know is that she has gifts beyond this world and she is about to fall into a role she wasn’t prepared for.

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Banned Book Club Review

Banned Book Club is a graphic novel following Kim Hyun Sook as she starts her first year of college in 1983 South Korea. This was during South Korea’s Fifth Republic, a military regime that entrenched its power through censorship, torture, and the murder of protestors. And Hyun Sook finds herself pulled into it all because of her love of books.

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Beginner’s Guide to the Bangtan Universe

The Bangtan Universe, also knows as the BTS Universe, is a story line inspired by the members of the band BTS. Through their music videos, short films, books, and a comic, the story of seven friends learning to overcome their traumas and tragedies has been perfectly tucked away for the most devote fans to explore. I happened on the BU on accident and would have loved a guide on how to explore this story, so I am making one for all future BU beginners.

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Save Me Review

Save Me is a web comic for the Bangtan Universe that focuses on the character Seokjin as he tries to correct the mistakes that lead to the demise of his friends. Since I discovered the BU, I knew I had to read this comic and wanted to share my review with you all.

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Everything Is Beautiful, and I’m Not Afraid Review

Everything Is Beautiful, and I’m Not Afraid: A Baopu Collection is a queer coming-of-age comic book following a Chinese woman living in America and ultimately facing the challenge of finding where she belongs as a queer immigrant.

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The Prince and the Dressmaker Review

In The Prince and the Dressmaker, Prince Sebastian has a secret life as Lady Crystallia, where he dresses in daring dresses made by his seamstress Frances and takes Paris by storm. Both he and Frances have their personal dreams, but also responsibilities that make keeping this secret difficult.

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First Look: Crumbs

Back with another first look at a Webtoon I have been enjoying. This time it is Crumbs by Whitherling and we follow the story of Ray, a young woman with some special powers and a love for the bakery that makes dreams come true with their hand-crafted treats. She may also be in love with the boy at the bakery too.

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First Look: The Avant-Guards

The Avant-Guards is a comic from BOOM! Box about Charlie, a former sports star and transfer student to the Georgia O’Keeffe College of Arts and Subtle Dramatics. While struggling to find her way around and her place among the student body, she gets recruited to the not-so-good basketball team. Continue reading

First Look: Let’s Play

Let’s Play is a webcomic created by Mongie which follows Sam, an aspiring professional game designer who’s first game gets played by Marshall Law, a let’s player akin to those on YouTube. With season one recently ending and season two on the way, I decided to share a first look at this series and share my thoughts with you all. Continue reading

First Look: Lore Olympus

Lore Olympus, created by Rachel Smythe, is a retelling of the mythology of the Grecian gods and goddesses. It particularly focuses on one of the most famous myths, the Taking of Persephone, and how she became the Queen of the Underworld. Continue reading

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Geeks

It’s officially gift shopping time for the holidays coming up and you probably have a geek in your life you’d like to get a good gift for. Well, welcome to the ultimate gift guide for geeks, where there is a gift for all kinds of geeks so you can find something fitting for what your geek loves the most. Continue reading

Favorite Fan-Made Harry Potter Content

There has been some great Harry Potter fan work made from so many different people around the world. From fan films to comics to even a musical, there is so much to fill your Potter-y needs. And there are some few that I love and want to share. Continue reading

Deadpool Review

I am going to keep this as spoiler free as possible, but shall warn you anyway.

I saw Deadpool last night, and I really did not know all that much about it going in. I was expecting very brash humor and a little vulgarity, based on all of the marketing, but wow, I did not expect what I got. Continue reading

Can You Solve The Spidey Murder Mystery?

Youtube star Megan Camarena, better known as Strawburry17, has created a mystery to solve based on the Spider Man universe, with Spider Gwen being accused of the crime. Can you solve who really did it? Continue reading