Thoughts on the Cursed Child


So, since I can’t afford a plane ticket to London and a ticket to see the Cursed Child, I ended up reading the plot breakdown back when previews took place (beginning of June) and this post is just the collection of my thoughts on what I’ve learned.

First things first, I am not impressed with the plot. It is incredibly confusing, and I actually got lost reading it, and not in the fun, daydreaming kind of way.

Time travel is a major plot device, and the alternate timelines based on how past and future is changed. It’s honestly pretty cliche, and was hard to follow what caused what change.

cursed child 1

Another big piece of the plot is Voldemort re-returning, and whether he time traveled and impregnated Draco’s wife or not. Yes, it sounds exactly as bizarre as it is. Now, I instantly went “why/ can he even do that?” because he inherently has no ability to love, but after asking Twitter, they all agreed that this could happen, but only because it’s for personal gain. I still find it to be the weirdest, soap-opera like way to bring back the Dark Lord in a plot where he is dead, yet somehow had the foresight to go into the future and make a woman pregnant. It’s honestly terrible, in my opinion.

The show is also done in two parts, requiring the audience member to attend two different performances to see the whole story. The reasoning is apparently because of the amount of content they wanted to shove into the show to make it like Deathly Hallows. For me, half the details and plot devices could have been removed, made only one part, and had a better story line than the cluster of chaos I read.

Previews Start For "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child"

Now, I read some articles about how brilliant and amazing the show is, even with an incredibly bizarre plot. And I will admit, there are many more parts to a play that can make it a good show beyond the plot. My hope is that the acting makes the show worthwhile. But, that doesn’t, in my opinion, save the cliche, mildly creepy pieces in the show. I certainly hold Harry Potter close to my heart, but Cursed Child is not a piece I am going to embrace.

What are your thoughts on the play? Let me know in the comments.

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