Why You Should Play Tabletop Games Alone

Tabletop gaming is very much a communal activity, to play with friends and family as a group. So it sounds a little weird to play them alone. But, it can actually be really good for you.


Learn to Play

If it is a game you have the intention of playing with others, it’s good to play alone to get a handle of the mechanics in order to better teach it. It is a lot easier tot each a game when you already know how to play.

Develop Strategies

If the game is super about strategy and has multiple methodologies behind playing, playing solo is a good way to figure out what works best for you and the mechanics. Strategy can take years to master, so if you don’t have a regular group to play with, solo gaming can help speed up that process.


Test New Games

Sometimes there is a new game that looks super interesting, but you’re not sure if it will be a hit or not. Playing alone can help you figure out if the game is enjoyable for you and others you play with.

What is your favorite board game? Let me know with a comment.


5 thoughts on “Why You Should Play Tabletop Games Alone

  1. I never had friends when younger (still don’t while older) so I used to play all my board games alone. Used to use dice to simulate “choices” for “other players”, that way there was some randomness and it wasn’t just me choosing which player automatically won.

    It worked to a degree, but in the end was depressing… and still is now. Thank Zeus for computer games, where one can play alone without need of finding a friend you can get along with and actually find time to spend with (a near impossibility on either count!)


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