Steam Winter Sale Haul

Let’s just say, Steam saw a lot of my money during this sale, but with a wishlist as long as mine compared to my short library, it was time to get some more games, and on sale!


I’ve had my eye on Armello for awhile, but left it in my Steam wishlist for quite some time until the Winter Sale came around. Armello is a quick-turn based strategy game, much like a board game. You play as a character from different clans and your goal is to defeat the king that is being overtaken by a plague called Rot. If you like board games, this game is excellent for you. It’s like Catan meets Studio Ghibli art.


Tharsis is another board game style game, where your life line is a set of dice rolls to save the ship and the crew from a space disaster. I saw this game quite awhile ago and was intrigued by the sole dice mechanic. It also involved resource management, if that is your fancy.


Ok, first look at the art! Ori and the Blind Forest is a platform puzzle story game that is incredibly atmospheric. I got this game for my Story Game Sunday streams on Twitch, and can’t wait to play it!

between me.jpg

Between Me and The Night is another game for my Story Game Sunday streams. It’s a point and click horror game about a boy who is exploring his mysterious and surreal home uncovering secrets.


Yes, I did not own Portal or Portal 2 before the Winter Sale, even though I have a companion cube as part of my logo. But they are finally mine and I plan on tackling them soon!

Did you get any great games in the Steam Winter Sale? Share them below and I will check them out!