30 Day Geek Out Challenge: Day 12

I’m excited for today’s 30 Day Geek Out Challenge prompt because it is enabling me to talk about something I have written a lot about: my favorite video game! Continue reading

Armello Mobile Review

It has finally happened: Armello has made it’s way to mobile, and more specifically to Android. I’ve been waiting for this day since they first mentioned an iOS version of my favorite game. So you know I have to review the mobile version, and it has some very interesting differences between the PC version.  Continue reading

Funko Wishlist: Needs to Exist Edition

It has been a while since I have done a needs-to-exist Funko wishlist! So long, that most of the suggestions on the previous one have now come to fruition. So why not dream up so more great characters to be Funkos and maybe they will come true? Continue reading

Gamer Confessions Tag

When I was coming up with topics for posts, I was also in the process of going over a lot of the games I have and realized that, although we proudly share the games we love, there is probably some opinions or thoughts we have that we don’t share. So I decided to write up a gamer confessions tag, focusing on video games, as a more fun way to share what we maybe don’t talk about as much as gamers. Continue reading

Steam Winter Sale Haul

Let’s just say, Steam saw a lot of my money during this sale, but with a wishlist as long as mine compared to my short library, it was time to get some more games, and on sale!

Continue reading