Spy Fights, Constellations, and Wordless Novels: Kickstart Your Week 2

When trying to figure out what to write about this week, and I found myself scrolling through Kickstarter as I do. So why not see what is happening on the good ol’ crowdfunding site.

spy fight.png

Spy Fight is a fast-paced strategy card game where you battle rival spies with various attacks, defenses, gadgets, and traps. This game reminds me of Epic Spells Wars, another battle card game I enjoy, but certainly, comes with its own perks. With only 8 days left to join in on the fully funded campaign, you can get the Kickstarter exclusive cards with the game as well.


Skull Behind the Sky is a wordless graphic novel, telling the story only through art. It’s a found-footage type story, with each frame taking place within the view of a phone camera. I wanted to go through sections beyond gaming, as I tend to look at games more than anything else. So when I saw this I knew it was a standout piece. The book is already completed with the Kickstarter aiding in printing costs so you can get a physical copy of Skull Behind the Sky.


Gridstones: Night Sky is a pattern-matching strategy game that is using Kickstarter for its 10th-anniversary edition. You take turns placing or removing stones in order to complete constellation patterns on the cards in your hand. The game is very close to being funded with 17 days left.

Gotten anything cool by backing a Kickstarter? Share with a comment!

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