This or That: Video Games

More this or that for you today! This time it’s all about video games so take a look at my answers. 

PC or Console

PC. I’ve never owned a console and have played games on console very rarely.

Indie or AAA

Indie games! So much so I started a group for people who love indie games too. Indie games are like hidden treasures and when you find a good one, it’s so satisfying.

keyboard gaming.jpeg

Keyboard or Controller

Depends on the game. I default to using a keyboard and mouse because I’m more comfortable with that in general. But there are some games that are just easier to use a controller on for me.

Singleplayer or Multiplayer

Singleplayer. If a game doesn’t have a singleplayer option I probably won’t get it, since most of my gaming time is done solo. I occasionally play multiplayer only games, but I don’t get as much play time or enjoyment out of them.

Which of these would you choose? Share in the comments!