Dead in Bermuda Review

Dead in Bermuda is a is a survival management game with RPG and adventure elements, where you play as 8 survivors of a plane crash. This game has been on my radar for awhile, and I took the plunge into getting it and trying it out, so here is my review.

2018-05-12 (12)

In Dead in Bermuda, you play as 8 very different survivors of a plane crash. You have the married couple on vacation, a doctor from London, a small family from Russia, the resort guide, and cynical survivalist man. These 8 people all have different skills and strengths, and you have to assign them to a variety of tasks to keep them alive and learn their stories and the story of this island.

2018-05-12 (17)

On the surface, this game looks purely like a resource management game. But the more you explore and discover, the more mysterious you find and have to solve. And characters have their own backstory’s that may drive the plot one way or another.

2018-05-12 (19)

The game becomes more complex when you have to ration food between the 8 survivors, manage their health and mental states, and water supply. You can lose the game simply by running out of water (may or may not have happened to me). There is a lot to manage as well as trying to learn about the island and all of its inhabitants.

2018-05-12 (20)

I’m pretty sure I barely scratched the surface of this game. It definitely has a lot more to it than just trying to keep the survivors alive. The creatures on the island seem to be not your average animal, and there is other human(?) life on the island.  This is a game worth putting some time into as it is much deeper than the eye lets on.

Dead in Bermuda is available on Steam.

Have you ever had a game have more depth than expected? Share it in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Dead in Bermuda Review

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  2. Stardew Valley was a game that had WAY more depth than I expected, it was a really pleasant surprise 😊 And I like the sound of Dead in Bermuda, I’ll have to give it a try!


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