Favorite Halloween Specials from Childhood

I can get a little nostalgic from time to time, and while brainstorming blog posts my brother came up with this post and we together pondered over our favorite childhood shows and which ones had memorable Halloween specials. We even watched some of these again now as adults to get fully nostalgic. So here is my list of favorite Halloween specials from childhood shows. 




Rugrats “Candy Bar Creep Show”

Rugrats is iconic 90’s kids’ television. And in Candy Bar Creep Show we get introduced to the iconic Reptar Bar, the famous T-Rex character’s candy bar that turns your tongue green. That alone is why this episode gets put on my list.

kim possible oct 31st.jpg

Kim Possible “October 31st”

Kim Possible was probably my favorite show as a pre-teen. And while the villain fighting part of this episode isn’t that interesting, Kim’s relationships with her family and Ron plus the added fun of a super suit taking over her princess costume.

lizzie mcguire halloween.jpg

Lizzie McGuire “Night of the Day of the Dead”

Night of the Day of the Dead may be one of the more interesting ideas for a Halloween special because we focus on El Día de los Muertos and that day’s traditions along with some more of the traditional Halloween celebrations. That is what made this particular episode more interesting to my brother and me as kids.

nevermore weekenders.png

The Weekenders “Nevermore”

The Weekenders is one of the most underrated TV shows from my childhood, so I had to add their Halloween special to my list. It explores the question of when is the time to stop trick or treating and how, for some people, Halloween is a very big deal. It’s amusing and full of Weekenders charm which is why I had to add it to this list.

Aliens_at_the_door-hey arnold.png

Hey Arnold “Arnold’s Halloween”

Not only was this a great special as a kid, but it stills holds up today. This War of the Worlds-esque storyline where Arnold and Gerald prank the boarder’s with a fake radio broadcast about an alien invasion while the rest of the 4th graders are dressed as aliens makes for an antics fueled episode. It is definitely still a solid Halloween special even after so many years.

What shows from your childhood had your favorite Halloween specials? Let me know with a comment below!

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3 thoughts on “Favorite Halloween Specials from Childhood

  1. Another really good Halloween episode from the past would be “A Tween Halloween” from Pepper Ann. Another one focusing on when it’s okay to stop trick-or-treating, it’s just so zany and fun. So many hilarious moments like when Pepper Ann sits very blase in a chair to give out candy and all these horrifying sound effects and light flashes go off while she tosses candy at the trick-or-treaters.

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