Last Minute Gifts for Geeks

Christmas is just one week away so the time for gift shopping is swiftly coming to a close. If you’re still trying to find some gifts for the geeks in your life, here is a guide to get some good gifts for geeks at the last minute.


Gift Cards

I feel like people frown upon gift cards as gifts, but I disagree. A gift card is great for a gift when you have a basic understanding of a person’s interests but may not be able to get specific enough for an exact gift. And this works great for a wide variety of gifts since you can get gift cards for so many places (Steam, Xbox, Barnes and Noble, etc.). And if you really don’t know what to get, a Visa gift card works well for them to spend however they want. Just pair it with a nice card or written note to make it more personal and thoughtful. And with digital gift cards becoming more popular, you don’t necessarily have to purchase a physical card. That’s a win for last minute shopping for sure.

wizarding world crate.jpg


There are a wide variety of subscription box services now, and you can easily find one for the geek in your life. From Loot Crate to many Harry Potter themed crates to geeky clothing and jewelry crate to book boxes, there are plenty of options with a variety of time lengths as well. Plus these are completely online purchases, so you don’t have to go out into busy crowds, and shipping is coordinated to start at a specific time so you won’t have to stress about delivery by Christmas. Just make a nice card to give the person saying you’ve gotten them the subscription. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, literally.



There are so many options for DIY-ing a gift. If you have some Photoshop and design skills, you can make a cool poster (like the one I made above) and get it printed locally at a Walmart or have it printed on a wide variety of products through Vistaprint or similar service. Or if you are more of a hands-on DIY-er you could make something nice as well. Plus it has a super nice personal touch other gifts won’t have. Depending on what you choose to make, you can easily get it done before Christmas.


Shop Local

You can find some really cool and special gifts from local stores. If you have a local comic shop or game store or bookstore, you can get something perfect for the geek in your life and support local business as well. I love my local bookstore for gift shopping because I could, of course, get a book, but there are also some nice gift items that I can’t necessarily get anywhere else. Plus local businesses will probably be a little less busy than bigger stores when it’s the last minute.

Do you have ideas for last minute gifts for geeks? Share them with me in a comment!

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4 thoughts on “Last Minute Gifts for Geeks

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  2. Great ideas! I personally always love a subscription box because getting something special in the mail is amazing. I may have to pass this post on to my husband for inspiration 😉


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