Geek and Blog Goals for 2019

I haven’t ever probably set goals out for myself and the blog lately, so I want to go into 2019 with some goals set up and something to work on all year. I’m keeping this post to geeky goals and blogging goals since that is quite fitting for a geek blog if I do say so myself. Anyway, onto the goals.

Geeky Goals

So I treated my geeky goals almost like a bucket list because this is really more of a fun list of things I’d like to do in 2019 versus a traditional resolution.

Clear Up the Backlog

So if you read my 12 Days of Gaming Recap, you learned I am not good at doing gaming challenges. I’d still like to work through my backlog, and honestly, I think the best way of doing that is setting up a specific review schedule so I have to play the games to review them. I might try a 5×5 challenge for board games, or see what I can do to play through more of the video game backlog because that one is definitely worse.

A large convention hall with many different booths and a large crowd

Press for a Con

So I have attended cons as just an attendee, I’ve worked a con, so next level up is doing press for a con. I’ve got a head start on this because I have a press badge for a con coming up later in the year. But I haven’t 100% locked into going yet so I won’t share what con yet.

A group of women dressed in renaissance era clothing, with one being the queen.

Ren Fair

Now we’re into the more fun, and albeit slightly random things. One thing I’ve been wanting to do is try out different geeky things I wouldn’t normally do. Watching anime is one of these things and so is attending a Renaissance Faire. There is a fair that looks good near me, so might be making plans to attend that in the spring.

A banner image containing monuments of the Walt Disney World Parks

Walt Disney World

This one is a bit of a stretch, but would be really fun to accomplish this year. My original plans were to go after completing my master’s degree, but those may change based on finances and other opportunities. But my Disney Parks loving soul would be so happy if I did do this in 2019.

Blogging Goals

So my blog goals are much more straightforward and the traditional goal style versus my bucket list geeky goals.

An image of a person holding a phone with 8 social media icons on the screen. Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Chrome, Gmail, Spotify, and Messenger.

Consistent Social Media-ing

I go through phases of using one particular site more than another. Lately, I am much more active on Twitter than Instagram. I’d like to find a good balance between all the sites and find the best ways to utilize them for the blog and also personally. This also includes the socials for Geek Blogs Unite.

A close up photo of a calendar

Never Miss A Posting Day

Every year since I started the blog, something has occurred to prevent posting at one point of the year or another. Sometimes it is my choice to take a break, sometimes it’s life circumstances, and sometimes a post just doesn’t get done. So I want to set the goal for myself to never miss a posting day, meaning always have a post up on Mondays and Fridays.

Become a Patron

Up My Patreon Game

Yes, I have a Patreon! I am definitely making it a high priority in 2019 to provide my patrons good perks as thanks for helping me do simple things like buying graphics for the blog or renew my domain.

Make the Blog More Accessible

My main priority with this one is making sure all images have title and alt text, thus making it more accessible for screen readers. It’s a pretty simple thing to add in. I’d also like to go back and add alt text to old images and graphics to make older posts also accessible.

What are your goals for the new year, geeky or otherwise? Share them with me in a comment!


6 thoughts on “Geek and Blog Goals for 2019

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  3. Omg I love your geeky goals! How did you go about getting press for a con? That actually sounds like too much fun 😭 I’ve always been a big lover of cons but I’ve always wanted to do more than be an attendee, and cosplay is a no-no because I lack confidence and more importantly, money


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