How To Find Great Mobile Games

I was asked a while ago how I find mobile games to play, especially amongst the sea of Candy Crush parodies and infuriating pay to play models. So I decided to collect my tips on finding great mobile games into a post!


Know What Games You Enjoy

If you play games, you probably already know what types of games you like. For me, I really like board games, strategy games with an emphasis on turn-based strategy, and sometimes a puzzle game. So when I go searching for mobile games, I stick to what I know I’ll enjoy. This works great for board games, especially because so many board games now have a mobile game port! So if you know what you like, it makes finding the best games for you easier in general.


Be Open to Paying for Games

If you are willing to buy a game on a console or PC, why wouldn’t you be willing to buy a mobile game? It can be a little weird, especially with the plethora of free games available. But the major upsides of paying for mobile games is 1) the quality of the game is usually way better and 2) no ads. Some of the best games I have played are the ones I paid for, and mobile games are honestly really low cost for what you get. The most expensive mobile game I have seen is the mobile version of Minecraft for $6.99. For perspective, PC price of Minecraft off their official website is $26.95.

Read Reviews of the Game

You can learn a lot from the reviews. You can read the reviews in the store before downloading a game to gauge whether it’s a good game for you. Definitely make sure you are looking at recent reviews and not just the top ones the devs highlight. Also, see if there are any bloggers or reviewers rating these games. Mobile game reviewers do exist! I do them!  (yeah shameless promo). A Google search can help you out too.


See What Other Platforms the Game is On

There are a lot of video games getting ported to mobile, and a lot of developers making new games purely for mobile. So if you see a game in the Play Store or iTunes, search its name and see what all the platforms it’s on. Or search the devs and see what else they have done. And if you already have a game you enjoy on mobile, check if the devs have done anything else.

Trial and Error

Sometimes you just have to download the game and try it to know if you’ll like it. This works well with free games and early on in mobile gaming because you can download a free game, play it for a while, and figure out what mechanics you like in mobile games. Some mechanics don’t work as well in mobile as they would on a console or PC, and some will work better for you. So trial and error with free games can be a good way to just start.

Do you have a go-to mobile game? Share it with me with a comment.

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6 thoughts on “How To Find Great Mobile Games

  1. I am absolutely addicted to Bubble Witch Saga 3! I found that and am always sceptical at first about new games. It’s a micro transaction game but, I haven’t had to make one purchase yet! So it’s really well balanced 🙂 I always struggle to get games I like and I’m always worried about buying them in case they’re rubbish!

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