How To Discover New Board Games

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We really are in a board game renaissance and there are now tons and tons of new board games coming out. It’s pretty overwhelming to sift through every new game that hits a shelf, and some that only hit Kickstarter. So here is how you can start searching for new games in the great tabletop sea.


First off, know what you like to play

Honestly, it is a lot easier to keep up with games that you specifically enjoy, versus trying to keep up with every new game coming to Kickstarter. For example, I prefer lightweight two-player games, and typically avoid heavy, roleplaying, and deckbuilding games. So this helps when inundated with the latest game announcements because a few keywords can tell me whether a game is worth exploring or not.


Join board game groups

There are tons of board game groups online that share announcements and news and also give members chances to share their excitement about the activity. Most of these groups are on Facebook, just as an FYI, and niche down in many ways depending on your preferences. Some of my personal favorite groups include:

Board Game Spotlight – A general group that covers all types of games.

Everything Board Games – Another general group that covers all types of games.

Be Bold, Play Games, Be You – A group that’s full of positive people sharing the love of games and also cute pets

Board and Alone – For those who want to get into solo gaming


Find content creators you enjoy

There are a ton of board game focused content creators. From blogs to podcasts to YouTube to streaming, there is bound to be at least one creator you enjoy. They’ll teach you about new games and review new games, even preview games before they hit Kickstarter. Here are some I suggest you check out to start exploring the wonderful world of Tabletop creators.

Be Bold Games

Katie’s Game Corner

Girls’ Game Shelf

What’s Eric Playing


Twitter is surprisingly informative 

Ok so now that you’ve found a creator or two that you like, you go and follow their Twitter. From there, a whole new board game filled world will open to you. Yes, there is a whole corner of Twitter that is all about tabletop, and it is crazy informative. From content creators to game designers to publishers and just enthusiasts, there are a lot of people talking board games. You’ll learn what’s the latest buzz, what games people are loving lately, and what Kickstarters are currently running. You’ll also make some cool friends too if you jump in on conversations.

“But wait a minute, you didn’t mention Board Game Geek?”


That’s right, I didn’t include BGG. And the reason for that is, I don’t use it myself so I’m not going to recommend it. I’m not a fan of it myself and don’t find it very useful beyond getting some details on games when I am writing up blog posts. And for others, it may be their one and only way to finding new games, and that’s fine. I just don’t feel comfortable recommending something I don’t actually use.


Do you have any tips for finding new board games? Tell me about them with a comment below!

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2 thoughts on “How To Discover New Board Games

  1. So many boardgames, too little time! That’s our current issue. We have a couple that we received for Christmas, but sadly haven’t had a chance to try them out yet. Until we do, we’re putting our blinders on so we don’t buy anymore!

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  2. Sounds like we have similar taste in games. I never even thought to join facebook groups! Our Target usually has a good selection of new games every month of so.


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