First Look: Krueger and Faust

Sharing another first look at a Webtoon I’ve been loving lately: Krueger and Faust! A human and a supernatural creature become an interesting pair in this comic by yacky-jackie.

After a head injury, Alice Kruger gains the ability to see supernatural creatures, including Faust, the monster who lives in her closet. Faust doesn’t know why or what he is and is starting to change in ways he doesn’t understand. Alice is trying to start a new life from a dark past. And while their unique relationship develops, there is more lurking in the darkness. A secret society has their eye on Alice and a demon lurks behind Faust.


What I really enjoy about this comic is the progression of the story in all of its varying directions. There is the relationship between Faust and Alice, which is clearly complicated from the get-go. Then there is what the secret society wants from Alice and their ultimate motives. And Faust, the biggest mystery of all, and the demon who haunts him.


Unlike a lot of romance Webtoons, there is focus on other areas of the story equally to the romance. While I do enjoy getting sucked into a relationship unfold, I am equally interested in Faust’s backstory and what the demon wants from him and what happens with the society stalking them.



What genres do you go towards for your reading? Do they differ between medium? Share with a comment!

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