What I Am Excited For On Disney+

With Disney+ launching tomorrow, I figured it would be a good post to share what I am looking forward to on the service! From originals to old favorites, see what I’ll be watching on Disney+.

Disney Animation

You can’t write about Disney+ and not mention all of the Disney animations that will be on the service! Some that I am looking forward to are The Great Mouse Detective, Tangled, Princess and the Frog, Moana, Mulan, and Big Hero 6. It will be great to easily access any Disney movie when I am in the mood for some magic.

kim p

Kim Possible

Kim Possible is arguably the best Disney Channel show of all time. So knowing I can finally watch it again after many years is a highlight for me with Disney+.

One Day at Disney

The largest portion of my Disney love is the theme parks, so a bunch of the docuseries coming to Disney+ are a dream come true. One of them is One Day at Disney, where we step into the shoes of different Disney employees across all areas of the company and wee what a day in their life is like.

The Imagineering Story

Imagineering is the heart and magic of Disney parks, so a series all about how the design and run the parks is instantly on my must-watch list. The Imagineering Story will go through the history of the process, how the magic happens, and future magic to come.


Ink & Paint

Ink & Paint is based on the Disney sanctioned history book of the same name, which covers the many amazing accomplishments of different women within Disney that did not get the recognition they deserved. Think Hidden Figures of Disney.

Behind the Attraction

Back with more theme park shows, Behind the Attraction will do just that: take us behind our favorite attractions and showing how the magic comes to life. Again the Disney Parks nerd in me is so excited for this, even though we don’t know when it is coming yet.


On Pointe

Since I danced for my entire childhood and ballet was my favorite of all styles, a series on ballet is of course of interest for me. On Pointe follows the School of American Ballet as they bring The Nutcracker to the stage.

Want to know what all will be on Disney+ at launch? Watch their announcement video!

What are you looking forward to watching on Disney+? Share your hype with a comment below!

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