Agatha Christie’s Death on the Cards Review

Think you can solve a mystery worthy of the queen of crime? You can test that in the new card game Agatha Christie’s Death on the Cards!

In this sleuthing card game, the group is trying to find out who the murderer is before they escape. However, the murderer is among their ranks and everyone has secrets they don’t want to get out. The murderer wants to escape or reveal all the sleuths’ secrets before getting caught.


Players can cause events to occur to help them with their personal missions. From trading cards to changing the deck, these actions can help you sleuth your way to the murderer or help hide your tracks. There are also detective cards, with some of Christie’s classic sleuths, that will help players reveal the secrets of the other players.

This game is a great balance of strategy and social deduction. It is pretty easy to learn and start playing without any problems and would be a great addition to a game night with a group. And if you have a Christie lover in your life, they will appreciate this game and the references.


This game looks like it shouldn’t have a two-player mode, but it does. And it is really well done. In the two-player scenario, it is clear who the murderer is between you two. The game is now a race to escape, if you are the murderer, or reveal the murderer’s secret cards if you are the sleuth. I love that they did it this way instead of dummy players or other options. The game is transformed where the focus is much more on strategy than on social deduction and I really enjoy that switch.

Overall, this is a quick to learn and to play game that I really enjoyed. The balance of strategy and deduction makes it feel like you are actually having to solve this mystery. The two-player mode is what really sells me because normally a game with social deduction would never have a two-player option. My little gray cells are happy with this game.

Are you a Christie fan? Which Christie mystery is your favorite? Tell me in the comments!

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