Geeky Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, why not plan a geeky way to celebrate regardless of your relationship status? I am sharing some suggestions for a geeky V-Day whether you have a partner, are spending it with friends, or are focusing on some self-love.

With Your S.O.


Go to an arcade

If you want to go out for Valentine’s Day, why not go to an arcade instead of dinner? You can also see if you have a barcade (bar arcade) local to you if you want a more adult-focused experience. The fun of classic arcade games with some friendly competition is sure to be a fun time.

Play some co-op games

If you would rather stay home for V-Day, you can keep gaming as a part of your night with some co-op games! Both video and board games are an option for this and I have suggestions for both co-op video games and board games that will be great for you and your S.O.

With Your Friends

A group of friends play board games in the room.

Host a Board Game Night

If your Valentine’s Day will be more about platonic love, a board game night with friends will be a lot of fun. There are plenty of party games that will get even the least-gamer types to have fun. Plus you can make it a potluck so you have food and drinks along with your night.

Go to an escape room

An escape room is great for a friend group since you can, and sometimes should, have more than two people. It will be a very fun evening and a great bonding experience for your friend group.

By Yourself


Binge your favorite series

Rewatching your favorite series is really a fun thing to do any day of the year, including Valentine’s Day. Get some chocolates, your favorite drink, put on comfy clothes, and let the binge begin.

Play Visual Novels/Dating Sims

For the gamers, visual novels are fun and relaxing games that often have relationships as a major part of them, thus making them great for Valentine’s Day. Some suggestions for good visual novel games, in my opinion, include Arcade Spirits, Dream Daddy, Monster Prom, and Speed Dating for Ghosts.

Curl up with a book

Like binge-watching your favorite series, curling up with a book is great any day of the year. You can make it more V-Day by reading a romance specifically and enjoy the cozy night in.

How are you spending Valentine’s Day? Let me know with a comment below!

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3 thoughts on “Geeky Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

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  2. What about binge play a new game that doesn’t fall under those categories? Perhaps I would like a date with Death from Darksiders II this Friday.

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