Favorite Heroines

I love a strong female character, and that is what today’s Saturday Six is all about! I’m sharing my six favorite heroines in fiction.



Mikasa from Attack on Titan is absolutely the most badass and skilled woman in this show. She even has most of the men beat with her talent. And I appreciate the familial love she has for Eren and Armin.



Mulan will forever be my favorite Disney character and film of them all. As a kid, I’d watch all the princess movies and my favorite ended up being the warrior who would do anything for her family.


Kim Possible

Another childhood favorite, Kim Possible is the badass of all 2000s television. Having her be the smart and strong one of the pair on a kid’s show is what we need more of honestly.



Having a heroine that solves her problems with intuition and kindness is really inspiring which is why I really love Moana. Much like Mulan, Moana is ultimately trying to figure out her place in the world and with her family. And they do so with bravery and intelligence.


Katniss Everdeen

Katniss is a very interesting heroine, especially the book version of her. She struggles a lot with her situation and her mental well-being following her trauma. She is incredibly strong for surviving her struggles and her love for her family is even stronger.


Hermione Granger

This list would be so incomplete without Hermione. Harry might be the boy who lived, but he wouldn’t have made it anywhere without Hermione. She is very intelligent as we all know, but she is also very loyal, honest, and brave.

Who are your favorite heroines? Share them with a comment below!