Hidden Through Time Review

Hidden Through Time is a time-traveling I Spy-like puzzle game where you must find all the items for various levels throughout time. I got a chance to review this game for the Switch and here are my thoughts.

I was provided a copy of this game for the purposes of this review.

From finding dinosaur eggs to the king’s crown in medieval times, you are given an array of items fitting of the theme to look for. As you progress through a time period, the maps get larger and more intricate.


The art is very cute and whimsical with little animations and fun surprises as you click or tap around. You can make a dinosaur make a sound or the bushes rustle as you try to find all of the things. The game has also very chill music so overall it is a relaxing game to play.


If you are struggling to find some of the items, you can hover over it to get a hint of where it will be. Some clues are better than others and no clue is so obvious that it just gives it away which would ruin the fun and whole point of this game. The puzzles can a challenging as there are a lot of small pieces, especially as maps get larger and larger. Thankfully you can zoom in on areas for a better view and you can progress through the timeline without 100% completing every map. You do have to reach a certain number found to progress, but you can relieve the stress of having to find everything. I also like that you can, on the Switch, use the touch capabilities as well as the joycons. I found using touch was much easier to navigate around. waldo


The game also has a map creator so you can build your own maps and combine time periods as you please. I personally got a little confused trying to make one, but I also am not someone who builds maps in any game. I’m sure as you use it it becomes very straightforward.

Overall, Hidden Through Time is a relaxing puzzle game filled with cute artwork and just enough challenge to keep it interesting and not frustrating. If you are looking for a chill game on the Switch, give Hidden Through Time a try!

The ultimate question for a post like this is: where’s Waldo? Yes, there is actually a Waldo in this post! Let me know in a comment below!

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