Video Games I Need To Play

All gamers have a backlog, so for today’s Saturday Six, I am sharing six games that have been in my backlog and really need to be played.



Pyre is a party-based RPG where you lead your band of exiles to freedom through a series of mystical competitions. The story and visual novel elements really brought me in and I need to play it soon.



What if you could hear every word spoken at the scene of a crime? In Unheard, you play as a detective who only has audio to solve the crimes. Listen in on conversations to find the facts and solve the crime. I saw Jesse Cox play this and thought it was really interesting.


Portal & Portal 2

I own both Portal games and have played neither of them! Mainly because I am a fairly new gamer and also because so many new games come out that I find interesting. I feel like Portal is such a well-known game series that I need to play sooner rather than later.


Tomb Raider Trilogy

I really love the reboot Tomb Raider as a whole. I have watched the entire first game on YouTube and have played the intro, and that is it. I have all three but I think what stops me is the time commitment to play them all. I’m used to shorter games, so longer campaigns are not what I am used to playing.


Master of Orion

Master of Orion is a series of 4X space strategy games, but I am really just focusing on the 2016 game. I do really enjoy strategy games a lot and have seen the game played on Twitch streams, but have yet to play it myself yet.


Ori and the Blind Forest

This visually gorgeous action-platformer is so well-loved. And since the sequel came out recently, the fact I have not played the first one yet is very present. My biggest obstacle with this game is that I have been told it is quite challenging and platformers are not my genre. I think I need to get it on the Switch since I am more comfortable playing platformers on it versus PC.

What games do you have in your backlog? Share them in a comment!

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2 thoughts on “Video Games I Need To Play

  1. Most of these games are in my backlog, too. Except the Portal games and Ori and the Blind Forest.

    If you’re good at puzzle games, you can finish Portal 1 in about two hours. Even if you end up disliking it, you won’t have lost much time.
    Ori certainly is no easy game, but it’s far from brutal in my opinion. Plus, it’s a great game, so if you think you’d enjoy it, definitely play it 🙂

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