Cup of Joe Review

Cup of Joe is a series on Quibi, the latest streaming platform with 10-minute episodes for their shows. The series is a travel show with Joe Jonas traveling to major cities while on tour with his band and brothers The Jonas Brothers.

Yes, Joe Jonas made a travel show. Not only that, but he has many celebrity friends make cameos and take him to unique places in these well-known cities. Some of the cities include Berlin, London, and New York City. The overall premise is that while traveling on tour he usually doesn’t get to see the cities he performs in. So he is taking time out of his day to explore these cities with his celebrity guides.



It is definitely a fun show, especially when we get to see new and different parts of the cities that may never get seen on a normal travel show. It is a more unique look at these cities which is definitely enjoyable. Plus the guest celebrities are an interesting mix of actors, singers, athletes, and more. Matthew McConaughey is definitely one of the standouts when Joe visits Austin, Texas.


My one issue is with the shows editing and intro. Each episode is at maximum 10 minutes long. So there really should not be an intro to this show because it eats up time to explore these cities. I started to skip the intro because I didn’t need to watch it for every episode.


The other thing that bothered me is that the intro would show us who the special celebrity guest was and then the start of every episode would have Joe introducing the city and talking as if we did not know who the guest was. We literally saw the guest 5 seconds ago so that whole set up just does not work with how the made the intro. They edited like it was going to be a 30 minute show on television and not a 10 minute Quibi. If the show just completely cut out the intro and started right at Joe’s set up, it would be so much better.


If you skip the first 20 seconds of intro, the show is quite enjoyable. I found myself laughing and seeing unique and special places of these famous cities. If you enjoy travel I would recommend the show.

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? Let me know with a comment!

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