Wind Peaks Review

Wind Peaks is a hidden object game where you help the scouts find all the missing objects in this fun and relaxing adventure of treasure hunt. I got to play the game early and share my thoughts with you all.

I was provided a copy of this game for the purposes of this review.

Gameplay is very straightforward as is most hidden object games. You’re given a set of items to find in the scene and most go looking for them. Straightforward does not mean easy however, as some items can be super well hidden sometimes. There also some interesting secrets to discover in some scenes which adds a little extra to the game.

The highlight of this game really is the art style. The cartoonish style is really well done and fitting for the scouts on a camping trip theme the game has. The audio is also done well with atmospheric forest sounds which really makes it a relaxing game.

The only issue I had with this game is that it actually made me motion sick to play for too long. Moving around the scenes to find objects had enough blur to it to make me feel sick after a while. So when I just couldn’t find an object and had circled around the scene numerous times, I would feel sick after. I’ve never gotten motion sick from a game before so this was strange for me.

Overall, I do enjoy Wind Peaks despite my motion sickness issue. It was relaxing without losing any challenging aspects of hidden object games. I just can’t play it for too long unfortunately. If you are looking for a chill game and like hidden object games, give Wind Peaks a look.

Wind Peaks releases tomorrow, July 29th, on Steam.

Have you played any other hidden object games? Share them in a comment below.


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