Board Games to Take to Your Thanksgiving Table

One tradition my family has is Thanksgaming, where we play board games throughout Thanksgiving day. And here are some board games that are perfect for the occasion.

Here To Slay

Here to Slay is an adorable and brutal new card game that is perfect for players of all skill levels. You take on a role represented by adorably ferocious creatures and fight monsters to become the ultimate winner. It is great for families with kids while still keeping the adults entertained too.

Hello My Name Is

Hello My Name Is is a perfect party game for the larger group gathering. You’ll be challenged to identify celebrities and characters based on a set of descriptors.

Epic Spell Wars

If your Thanksgiving is without a kids table, Epic Spell Wars is a hilarious game for adults. Become battle wizards and create spells to defeat your opponents and become the last wizard standing.


Codenames is great for all ages. In teams try to locate your spies before your opponents based on clues related to the words on the board, but be careful of the double agent who can foil your plans and make you lose.

What traditions do you have at Thanksgiving? Share them with a comment.