March Madness: Book Bracket

For today’s bracket I am putting some of my favorite YA books head to head to find the top book!

Like I did for the video game bracket, I chose eight of my favorite YA books and used BracketHQ to create my brackets, randomizing how the pairings were made. From there, I made my choices. There are 4 series and 4 stand-alones. So let’s begin!

Round 1

They Both Die At The End vs. Harry Potter series

This pairing was so hard for me because They Both Die At The End is one of the best YA books I’ve read recently. But ultimately Harry Potter, despite it’s problematic author, comes out on top.

The Giver vs. HYYH The Notes series

This was another harder choice. The Giver is a book I’ve read multiple times, which is a feat for me. But I am really deeply invested in HYYH The Notes. However, The Giver is a more solid story comparatively so it wins for me.

Hunger Games series vs. Eleanor and Park

Eleanor and Park is the only book I have read cover to cover in a single sitting. I cherish this book greatly, but The Hunger Games series is more impactful for me so it takes this round.

Looking for Alaska vs. Divergent series

Much like the previous pair, we have the dystopian series versus the teenagers living through the real world. But for this pair, Looking for Alaska defeats the series easily because I am not a fan of how that series ended.

Round 2

Harry Potter series vs. The Giver

Two childhood favorites here that are hard to pick between. But Harry Potter comes out on top for having a much bigger impact on me.

Hunger Games series vs. Looking for Alaska

The series wins this match up as well. While Looking for Alaska made a big impact when I first read it, it has faded in importance for me while The Hunger Games is still a series I cherish.

Final Round

Harry Potter vs. Hunger Games

Two series enter and one will win. And the winner is Harry Potter for having the most significant impact on me as a person.

And now for the final break down!


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