Top Chef Wishlist

Top Chef is one of my favorite shows of all time. I have watched every season since the cringey first few and still an avid fan now that we have begun season eighteen. My brother and I often discuss what we’d like to see on the show and I decided to make a post about it!

Final Four Restaurant Wars vs. Last Chance Kitchen

Restaurant Wars is a staple Top Chef challenge where usually two teams compete to open a restaurant within a couple of days. It is probably the most difficult challenge.

Last Chance Kitchen is the side show where eliminated chefs can compete to get back into the main competition. Quite a few chefs who have won Last Chance Kitchen have ended up winning the entire show.

So let’s have a Restaurant Wars with the final four chefs in the main competition compete against the final four chefs of Last Chance Kitchen. If the latter team wins, one of their people goes back into the main show, replacing a main contestant. This would be so climatic and dramatic and *chefs kiss* (pun intended).

Scavenger Hunt Mise en Place

The Mise en Place Race is a staple for Quickfire challenges. To spice it up, make it a scavenger hunt! Chefs, in teams, are given locations of a Mise en Place stations via a clue that the team has to solve. Send a member to each place and then all four go back to the kitchen to make a dish with the items they prepped.

Drum corps elimination challenge

This is a personal idea I had when I was more active in the drum corps scene, but it could absolutely work for Top Chef. Drum corps eat four meals a day that require specific nutritional requirements to keep members full and healthy so they can perform. And the chefs would need to cook for 200+ people who have max and hour and a half to eat.

Family Member Favorite Meal

They have had a variety of challenges that are a favorite meal or last meal for a person, usually other chefs. But I would like to seem them make the favorite meal of their family members. And specifically make the meal of a different competitors family member instead of their own.

Cooking Buzzwords

This is another Quickfire challenge idea that my brother specifically had. The chefs would knife pull to get a random “buzzword” of trendy cooking techniques that they’ll have to do. Spatchcock was the example my brother continuously used. Others could be Spherification, infusion, and emulsifying.

Japan Finale

First, think of the b-roll! It would be gorgeous. Also Japan has so much fascinating culture that is tied to its food it would make a great finale location. We could get a matcha challenge, a sakura challenge, sushi challenge!

France Finale

They just barely had a Europe finale when All-Stars 2 went to Italy. And I a still shocked they haven’t been to France yet when France has had such a massive impact on culinary arts. They have had French challenges, but haven’t gone to the actual place yet.

What is your favorite reality or competition show? Tell me about it in the comments.


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