Sugoi Mart Lucky Bags Review

Sugoi Mart is a Japanese online shop where you can buy all sorts of Japanese goods from foods to collectables to skincare and more. They also have these lucky bags, a tote full of different goods that will be a surprise. I have two different bags to review so let’s get started.

As said there are two bags I got, with one being the standard lucky bag and the other being a sakura themed bag. The sakura bag was limited time for sakura season while the standard is always available. They value at $100 worth of items and contain around 10 to 15 items total.

As with any mystery bag, items can be hit or miss dependent on the person Overall for myself, I preferred my sakura bag over my standard. Having the themed bag meant I could expect what I was getting a little better and then would know I was getting things I’d enjoy. The standard bag is more of a mix so while there was items I really like, such as the orange Kit Kats, there were some I had no interest in, like the anime plush and figures.

My only significant complaint is the shipping cost, because shipping from Japan to the USA is highly expensive. Shipping was between $30 and $40 for each bag, depending on if you wanted tracking and what they would offer you. That is almost the price of the bag itself. So the shipping is what will stop me from ordering again more than anything else.

Overall, if you really love Japanese culture, the Sugoi Mart Lucky Bags are great for you. You can explore Japanese items from many different categories for a note bad price, excluding the shipping. And the themed bags are even better in my opinion.

What country would you get a mystery bag for? Tell me with a comment!


One thought on “Sugoi Mart Lucky Bags Review

  1. Whatever you do, DON’T buy a Deluxe Pokemon Lucky Bag! I ordered one for my grandson, and it had 11 of the most worthless Pokemon items you’ve ever seen, maybe worth $100 if you overprice every item. Mind you, the Deluxe bag was advertised to have $150 worth of higher value, larger Pokemon items. Not one thing in the bag could be described as high value or large. Reached out to customer service with several emails, asking if they had sent me a regular Pokemon Lucky Bag by mistake. No response to any of the emails. Wish I could warn everyone about Sugoi Mart.


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