Once Upon A Time…

There was a little girl who lived in a world where all girls wanted to be princesses. Stories of princess floated in their minds as they drifted off to sleep daily. But this little girl was different. She heard all the same stories of the beautiful princess meeting her prince charming who saves her life and they lived happily ever after. But this girl didn’t want the tiaras and ball gowns like all the other girls. This girl wanted more.

When the little girl was no longer little, she wasn’t as interested in the prince charmings of the world. She was more interested in slaying the dragons and fighting the villains herself, without a prince to save the day. But this life wasn’t as fulfilling as she’d expected. She wasn’t a princess, but a warrior, and that intimidated all of the prince charmings around her. She wondered if what was missing was the prince to do some of the saving.

She tried to mingle with the princes around her, but most of them became paupers in her eyes and she thought she would never have a prince because she wasn’t a princess.

She tried to make herself more like all the other girls who dreamed of those princess stories from their younger years. But the more she tried to be a princess, the more lost she felt.

One night she decided to quit the hunting princes and return to hunting dragons, and she couldn’t have felt more alive. She thought that maybe she wasn’t meant to find her prince who wanted princesses, but that a prince will find her and make her his princess. But in the mean time she will continue to slay her own dragons and fight her own villains.

The End

AUTHOR NOTE: This is an old piece of fiction I wrote and decided to share to not lose it. I have all sorts of fiction and poetry scattered in anonymous corners of the internet I may share here. Featured image from the game Child of Light

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