#SelfCare Review

While I try many different mobile games, I haven’t played one quite like this. #SelfCare is not about winning, it’s not about surviving, and it’s not about the game really. The goal is simply to feel better. 

#SelfCare is really just that. It gamifies activities that stimulate a feeling of self care when you’re struggling. The setup is that you’re in bed, and that is how the day will be spent. There are various activities you can do to increase your self care, which is represented by a sun on the screen. Activities include breathing exercise, petting a cat, simple word games, and many more. There are many options to help you relax and feel better and you can find the options that really work for you.


While doing various activities, you can find different trinkets that you’ll put on your altar. You can change the meaning of the trinket as well as put it away so it is not placed on the altar if you choose.


You can customize in various ways. One way is to customize your bedroom, by choosing the duvet, paint, and rug. In different activities, there is customization, such as what shape you will follow in the breathing exercise. These little pieces of customization are great to help personalize the experience.


Overall, it does do what it says it will. I have enjoyed playing it to help unwind from the stressors of life as well as my mental hurdles. It has many techniques that are found across all parts of the internet. It is likely that you will find something that helps you through your struggles. I will say that it may not be for everyone depending on how you prefer to do your self care. But if you’re open to trying a more immersive type of self care app, #SelfCare is worth a try.

Do you use gaming for your self care? What games do you like to play? Let me know with a comment.

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