Idol Manager Review

Do you think you can manage being the CEO and manager of an entertainment agency? You can find out by playing Idol Manager, a business simulator game about conquering the entertainment industry. I’ve played this game a lot and finally decided it needed a review.

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Megaquarium Review

I got into a tycoon-style game kick recently and went searching for games to fill that need like Roller Coaster Tycoon does for me. I had seen some content about Megaquarium before, so I decided to give this aquarium builder a go. Continue reading

Monster Prom Review

You know the stress of trying to find the perfect prom date? As if high school wasn’t hard enough for us humans, imagine trying to find a date at Spooky High School for the Monster Prom. Well, that is exactly what you are trying to do in Monster Prom, and it’s a pretty wacky adventure. Continue reading