Meet Moana

Moana is the latest leading lady to join the ranks of Disney, and major information was announced at D23, Disney’s giant convention.

Moana is going to be Disney’s first Polynesian princess, who is known for sharing the same spunk and attitude as Merida and Elsa. She has impressive sailing skills and looks for support in her sidekicks, Pua the pig, Hei Hei the rooster, and Maui the demigod.

Although very little information has been shared about the upcoming film, Moana is set up with an impressive crew of directors and composers with amazing credentials. Also, excitement will be driven by a lava witch, a step up from Hans the perfect hair villain of Frozen. 

Moana is scheduled to release in 2018.



14 thoughts on “Meet Moana

  1. Sounds interesitng. I used to love learning all about Polynesia, and though Moana is probably set in a fictional version of Polynesia, this truly appeals to me.


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