Women DO Kick Ass

At this year’s San Diego Comic Con, a group of fantastic and kick ass women came together for a panel to discuss their roles as powerful women both in character and out.

The ladies included Gal Godot (Wonder Woman in Superman vs. Batman) , Kathy Bates (American Horror Story) , Hayley Atwell (Agent Carter), Jenna Coleman (Dr. Who), and Gwendoline Christie (Hunger Games, Star Wars and Game of Thrones). They came together in Hall H to discuss who inspired them, sexism on set, dynamic female characters, and answered audience questions.

A highlight of the panel was this comment my Hayley Atwell on set sexism.

All of the women had great moments, but my favorite moment was audience questions, particular the amount of men who went to the mic, and in particular, the first audience member who questioned the double standard of wearing a Wonder Woman shirt as a man and it being the focus of negative attention by others. The women, particular Gal Godot, praised him for being a trendsetter and agreed that the double standard is ludicrous.

You can watch the whole panel below.

7 thoughts on “Women DO Kick Ass

  1. you should watch the Supernatural panel where an audience member asked the show’s producer why every pivotal female character always dies, and how strong female characters never last or are objects for the men. It’s really good!


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