Field Trip: Interactive Murder Mystery

A couple of weeks ago, I attended a murdery mystery event entitled Hero. It was interactive, meaning we had to solve the murder of the superhero named Surge.

Master Mystery Productions is a brand new business that creates custom interactive murder mystery events. This particular show was created for my work, and since it is a college campus, we decided that a superhero theme would work well with a group of twenty-somethings. Thus, Hero was born.

My team and I deliberating

We worked as teams of vigilantes who were on the case to solve the death of Dr. Serge Nicholson, also known as the electric superhero Surge. We were given different clues and information via a comic book as seen below.


The comic book was created by the show writer and owner of Master Mystery Productions Daniel Stallings, who also hosted the event. He added a special element by acting out various characters to help create emotion in the story.

Me feeling super

Now I am not going to reveal the ending and who did it, but I will say that my team was one of the winning teams. I literally started happy dancing, because the last show I went to I was completely wrong. I am a successful vigilante!

Since Master Mystery Productions is so new, it needs some love. If you want to support an awesome growing business, please go over and like the Master Mystery Productions Facebook page and tell them I sent you!

4 thoughts on “Field Trip: Interactive Murder Mystery

  1. Hey there! You have an awesome blog. I have always wanted to do a murder mystery show!!
    I have a nerd blog and write about geeky things like yourself, feel free to follow me 🙂


  2. How fun!! The last Murder Mystery I did was on the Napa Wine Train, they had professional actors and I think the murderer was a guest on the train (I was a little inebriated), but it was so much fun!!


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