Misconceptions of Geeks

Geeks are so misunderstood, in the sense that it is easily stereotyped, and even then not correctly. But, there are common threads in what is misconceived of geeks.

All Geeks Are Male

Wrong, wrong, wrong. Geek culture is not owned or belongs to a single gender. In fact, a huge percentage of the geek population is female, so sorry boys, it’s not just for you.

Geeks Are Bookish/Techy

Being school smart and tech savvy is more of a nerd trait, and although geeks can have them, they are not mutually exclusive.

Female Geeks Are Fake

I can’t express enough how absolutely stupid the fake geek girl idea is. Angry men deciding that women can’t love what they love is childish. And since so many women are genuinely involved in fandoms and geek culture, they are definitely not fake.

Geeks and Nerds Are The Same

Nope, and you can read about that more in my Geek vs. Nerd post.

Geek Is A Bad Thing

The old adage that being a geek is embarrassing and unpopular has mostly fallen out of favor, but I can imagined that there is some bully in some high school picking on a geek for enjoying comic books.  Media has helped change the idea of geeky being uncool, and as long as we own it, it won’t matter.

What is your favorite part of being a geek? Leave a comment letting me know.