Underrated: Mulan

In the world of Disney leading ladies, all eyes are always on the traditional princesses. But maybe we don’t need a princess, but a warrior.

While Cinderella is at the ball and Belle is reading books, Mulan is saving China. CHINA! She risks her life, posing as a man, to save her family and ends up saving her whole nation.

Mulan as a character is also so different from her princess counterparts. She was destined to be a bride, but it didn’t suit her. She changed her destined, found her true place in the world, and fought through all the adversity to prove it.

And overall, she did everything to save her father. Her love is for her family first and foremost, and her story is not finding her “prince”. Take that Frozen, Mulan did it first!

She also lucked out with very supportive friends, even after being abandoned in the mountains and snow.

Who is your most underrated Disney lady? Let me know below!


14 thoughts on “Underrated: Mulan

  1. This is so true! I grew up watching this movie but I had never fully realized how different Mulan was from the other princesses! It’s definitely one of my favorite Disney movies. I loved this post so much, I will share it on facebook. Have a nice day, xx



  2. I LOVE Mulan and agree she is absolutely underrated. She is such a good role model princess – way better than waiting for a prince to come rescue her.


  3. I love Mulan! The Song that Donny Osmand sings is one of my FAVOURITE Disney songs. Such a great movie and so funny, Belle is reading, Rapunzel is brushing her hair, Ariel is sulking over a guy, Mulan is saving China 🙂


  4. Mulan is such an underrated Disney lady. I love her story! Going to such great lengths to fight for her country mixed with the love for her family. Watching the movie with my boys opens up to so much discussion about equality, devotion, and love. Mulan is an inspiration. Thanks for shedding light on this lady.


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