Underrated K-Pop Groups

There are so, so many groups out there making great music that it is hard to keep track of them all. And there are some real gems that are so underrated and those are the groups I want to highlight today.

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Underrated: Queenie Goldstein

If you have seen the Fantastic Beasts film, you will know who Queenie is. For those that don’t, she is the younger sister Tina, who was one of the more significant characters in the film. Upon my first viewing of Fantastic Beasts, I didn’t give much attention to Queenie. She isn’t the strong, female lead I tend to love. However, given more thought and looking toward The Crimes of Grindelwald, I have decided Queenie deserves more love and appreciation. Continue reading

Underrated: Fantastic Beasts

I really enjoy the magical creatures of the Harry Potter world. It is one of the lesser loved areas, but since the Fantastic Beasts films have come out more love is given to these creatures. And while the world has come to love the Niffler, there are so many more beasts and creatures that could use some love.  Continue reading

Underrated: Disney Sidekicks

That’s right, Underrated is back! This is one of my favorite series as I get to give some love to characters that are generally left forgotten. I was thinking of Disney, and how there are some great and lovable sidekicks that we never talk about. So here are a few that I think should get some more love.  Continue reading

Underrated: Joel

Warning: Spoilers!!!

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I am a video game watcher. One game I really enjoyed watching was The Last of Us, which is set during a zombie apocalypse and follows Ellie, a young girl with a life-changing gift, and Joel, Ellie’s complicated, closed off escort. Although Ellie is amazing and has an interesting backstory, I think Joel is much more underrated.
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Underrated: Megara

I saw another site do a post about how Megara (or Meg) is the most underrated Disney lady. Of course, it caught my interest so I went to it and it was, well, not what I wanted. All of the reasons were her “realistic hair” and such, and I just went “Really?” So here is what I think makes Meg underrated and awesome.

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Underrated: Hagrid

Underrated is a new series I am starting where I talk about my favorite, most underrated characters from different fandoms, stories, shows, and more. I want to highlight how important and special these characters really are. And probably the most underrated character of all is the one and only Rubeus Hagrid.

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