Underrated: Remus Lupin

In a long line of ever-changing Defense Against the Dark Arts professors, Lupin stands to be the best, despite his condition. His presence is so significant and powerful, but often not recognized or acknowledged anymore. Continue reading


Underrated: Nani

In my recent Underrate post about Merida, someone commented about how Lilo and Stitch is really the first Disney film about familial love, and dear commenter is totally right. So I thought about not Lilo, but Nani, her older sister, and how she is an underrated lady herself. Continue reading

Underrated: Joel

Warning: Spoilers!!!

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I am a video game watcher. One game I really enjoyed watching was The Last of Us, which is set during a zombie apocalypse and follows Ellie, a young girl with a life-changing gift, and Joel, Ellie’s complicated, closed off escort. Although Ellie is amazing and has an interesting backstory, I think Joel is much more underrated.
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Underrated: Megara

I saw another site do a post about how Megara (or Meg) is the most underrated Disney lady. Of course, it caught my interest so I went to it and it was, well, not what I wanted. All of the reasons were her “realistic hair” and such, and I just went “Really?” So here is what I think makes Meg underrated and awesome.

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