My Needs-to-Exist Funko Wishlist

Pop Vinyl Figures are a popular collectible item in the geek community, and we all have a list of the ones we want to buy. However, this list is of figures that don’t yet exist, but I want to.

Professor McGonagall

The Harry Potter set is missing one awesome character, and that’s Professor McGonagall. And it would be double awesome if you could get a mini cat version of her too. A girl can dream.

UPDATE: She does Exist!! Look at her!


Daria and Jane

My favorite 90’s duo from my favorite TV show ever. Pleas, Funko, make this a reality for me.

Kiki and Jiji

Out of all of the Studio Ghibli films, Kiki is my favorite and I would really like a Kiki with a tiny Jiji by her side. Bonus points on if she looks like she is flying.

Lara Croft

Funko is missing a video game heroine in it’s set, and that’s Lara Croft. Come on, she is like the most well-known female in video games, how could she not have a figure already?

Update: She does exist! It is definitely more classic Lara, but here she is.

Image result for lara croft pop figure


I am driven to include Arnold because A) Hey Arnold was a great show and B) Football shaped head. Enough said.

What is your dream Funko? Leave me a comment letting me know!

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