My Geeky Confessions

I feel like, no matter how openly geeky you are, there are some things you keep to yourself and don’t share publicly. Well, here are some of the things I don’t often share about my geeky habits and favorites.

I Have Never Seen Star Wars

To simply this, I made a YouTube video about my lack of Star Wars viewing, so here you go.


I Have Never Owned A Console For Gaming

I wasn’t really into gaming until college to be honest, and my interest is derived from the art and graphics and stories of games, not really playing them and all that. I am an avid Twitch watcher (it’s open right now as I type this) and YouTube gamers as well. I am an audience member of gaming, not a gamer. Maybe I will get a console at some point and start playing some of the games that look amazing, but for now I’ll just stick with my Twitch broadcasters and YouTubers playing them for me.

I Refuse To Watch Game of Thrones

This and Star Wars seem to be the most blasphemous things to never see, but whatever. I tried watching Game of Thrones, but it’s a) not my type of show, b) I never watch TV as it is, and c) I could not handle the sexual violence. And on that note…

spoiler alert timeline.jpg

I Will Spoil Stuff For Myself

…I will look up spoilers for things I don’t invest a lot of interest or energy into, because my Ravenclaw self hates not knowing. So, I know many a Star Wars and GoT information because of spoiling it for myself. I don’t spoil anything for others though, just myself.

I Don’t Connect With Fandoms

I’ve never really been super connected to fandoms at all. I love my stuff like Harry Potter, but I don’t find community within the fandom like a lot of other people do. I’m a lone wolf, so I don’t try really hard to get connected to the fandoms. My love for things is kind of selfish that way, it’s not about sharing it but enjoying it by myself.

What is a geeky confession of yours? Share with a comment.

18 thoughts on “My Geeky Confessions

  1. It’s great knowing I am not the only person in the world who has never watched Star Wars (my friends swear they will force me but it’s just not going to happen)!


  2. Hello Miss Anneliese, Hopefully I am not too late to join this discussion. I have recently started blogging and like you and your followers am a fan of certain Geek cultures, I would say I am a bit of a Star Wars fan. So much so that I own a custom Lightsaber and have taken to designing my own versions using an online Lightsaber designer. Well long story short, sometimes I design sabers that cross into Fandoms other than Star Wars and some designs include ones inspired by Halo, Tomb Raider, Dr Who, G.I. Joe and Harry Potter. If you don’t mind I’ll leave a link to the Harry Potter lightsaber wand, then if you like what you see you can explore my blog. Thank you and congratulations on a great award nominated blog!
    Kind regards,
    For Tyeth


  3. Love this! I think that’s the best part of being a geek. What you don’t love, someone else does. It’s all good!. I call myself the “geek of all trades” because I don’t know tons of stuff about any one area…but I have friends that do. 🙂 I have my own geek site ( and while I am stumbling around and finding my grove, I find that what I love is sometimes shared by others and other times, meh, not so much. I am sorry to confess that I do love GoT (but got into WAY later than my friends did) and my kids are “rediscovering” Star Wars with the new movies (HUGE fans when they were little). Looking forward to more of your posts.


  4. You don’t watch GOT? OMG!!!!! This is blasphemy!!!! Thou shalt be expelled from the geek society!!!!
    Just kidding, although we are supposing you must have gotten this reaction from at least one of your friends. Well, we did, and we even started watching it, and to tell you, it is good, especially if you are not waiting eagerly for the next episode to come out. And another thing about Star Wars, it is BS, straight out BS. Any person with a small shred of intelligence would know that the entire series is bent upon defying the rules of Physics.
    Phew! Too much criticism… Now for the positive side, loved this post, we are thinking of putting up a page similar to this, although it may be out of sync with our blog as it is a travel blog. There is nothing like gossip, right (Wink,Wink).

    Keep blogging!!!
    PS: Check out our travel blog and comment too.


  5. Omigosh I spoil EVERYTHING for myself. Not just stuff I know I’ll never watch or read. I do that pretty much immediately. But even stuff I am interested in. I’m the worst. As soon as I hear about a book or movie I look I immediately look up the synopsis. When I’m watching new shows or movies on Netflix I’ll wikipedia them while I’m watching. I don’t know but I just HAVE to know. I never spoil for anyone else, and I’ll even just keep watching or reading while knowing what’s coming. I think that’s why I’m a Slytherin that gets sorted in Ravenclaw occasionally.


  6. Oh my gosh, I am so with you on not connecting to my fandoms. I’m a huge fangirl, but I’m kind of a loner fangirl haha. Even online, I’ve never really found a community for a specific fandom I’ve enjoyed. I love the blogging groups I”m a part of as we just gush about everything and there’s something for everyone there, which is really nice!


  7. I will never be a Supernatural Fan. I don’t understand the appeal of the show and I’m not sure why people get so into it. It is not the most creative interesting show and I don’t gain anything from watching it..


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