My Geeky Confessions

I feel like, no matter how openly geeky you are, there are some things you keep to yourself and don’t share publicly. Well, here are some of the things I don’t often share about my geeky habits and favorites.

I Have Never Seen Star Wars

To simply this, I made a YouTube video about my lack of Star Wars viewing, so here you go.


I Have Never Owned A Console For Gaming

I wasn’t really into gaming until college to be honest, and my interest is derived from the art and graphics and stories of games, not really playing them and all that. I am an avid Twitch watcher (it’s open right now as I type this) and YouTube gamers as well. I am an audience member of gaming, not a gamer. Maybe I will get a console at some point and start playing some of the games that look amazing, but for now I’ll just stick with my Twitch broadcasters and YouTubers playing them for me.

I Refuse To Watch Game of Thrones

This and Star Wars seem to be the most blasphemous things to never see, but whatever. I tried watching Game of Thrones, but it’s a) not my type of show, b) I never watch TV as it is, and c) I could not handle the sexual violence. And on that note…

spoiler alert timeline.jpg

I Will Spoil Stuff For Myself

…I will look up spoilers for things I don’t invest a lot of interest or energy into, because my Ravenclaw self hates not knowing. So, I know many a Star Wars and GoT information because of spoiling it for myself. I don’t spoil anything for others though, just myself.

I Don’t Connect With Fandoms

I’ve never really been super connected to fandoms at all. I love my stuff like Harry Potter, but I don’t find community within the fandom like a lot of other people do. I’m a lone wolf, so I don’t try really hard to get connected to the fandoms. My love for things is kind of selfish that way, it’s not about sharing it but enjoying it by myself.

What is a geeky confession of yours? Share with a comment.