Fall Book Tag

For my last post of Banned Books Week, I decided to do this book tag I found from thrift bibliophile.  I’m not going to exclusively mention banned books, but I bet one will come up anyway.

•Crunching Leaves-the world is full of color
Pick a book that has reds oranges and yellows on it.

deathly hallows.jpg

See, already a banned book mentioned. The original covers of the Harry Potter series are so beautiful, and the Deathly Hallows definitely has those fall colors.

•Cozy Sweater- It’s finally cold enough for you to pull out your warm clothing!
What book gives you the warm fuzzies?

e and p



Eleanor and Park is probably the most recent book to give me the warm fuzzies. The Fault in Our Stars too.

•Fall Storm- the wind is howling the rain is pounding
Choose your favorite book or genre that you love to read on a rainy day.


I’d probably pick up a YA or a book of poetry. Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur would be a lovely read on a rainy day.

•Cool Crisp Air
What is one cool character that you would love to trade places with?

hermione gif.gif

Come on who doesn’t want to be Hermione?

•Hot Apple Cider
What is one under hyped book that you want to become the next big thing?


I don’t read enough to know this, unfortunately, but I will say that I think Looking for Alaska is way under-hyped compared to the other John Green books.

•Coats, Scarves, and Mittens- When the weather has turned cold and it’s time to cover up
What is one embarrassing book cover you own and like to keep covered up?

I can’t think of any embarrassing cover art or books in general. I have some damaged covers and that is kind of sad.

•Pumpkin Spice
What are your fall time comfort foods?


Hot Chocolate! And seasonal pastries (yes even pumpkin spiced ones).

•Warm Cozy Bonfires
Who do you tag?

You! You right there! Reading this! I tag you! 🙂

What books are you reading this fall? Share in the comments.

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