Exploding Kittens Mobile Game Review

I have played many a board game, and a fair share of video games now, but I don’t tend to play mobile games often. So I decided to peruse the Google Play store and see what is out there. Well did I find a treasure trove of games, particularly board games gone digital. One of the games I got was Exploding Kittens, originally a card game that I have played maybe twice. So I gave the mobile game a go.


If you have never heard or played Exploding Kittens, the goal is to be the last player standing. There are a variety of cards in the deck, but what you don’t want is the exploding kitten card. If you explode, you are out. You’ll have a chance to defuse, but once your defuse is gone, you better play your cards right.


What I like about this game is that it is really easy to get into and learn how to play. I found it easier to learn than the actual card game version. The app is easy to navigate and get started playing. The one downside I have found is that you can only play with other people (either with friends who also have the app or online multiplayer), and sometimes the wait times for lobbies can be a bit long depending on when you pull up the app to play.  There is no solo mode, which I find a downside because sometimes I like to play a quick solo game while waiting and Exploding Kittens doesn’t have anything like that.


This is definitely one of the most played mobile games that I have because it is easy to get into, the game doesn’t last too terribly long, and is certainly amusing and strategic to play. I do wish there was an option to play a solo mode or against AI for moments where I can’t connect to the internet or just want to play alone.

ex kittens rate.png

This game is only $1.99 on Google Play, and I have definitely gotten my money’s worth out of the game. You can also purchase expansions if you want more variety, but I find the base game enough to satisfy your gaming needs.

What are your go-to mobile games? Let me know with a comment!